Throat chakra!

IMG_0772The chakras corresponds with daily experiences. We can all feel a lump in the throat when we feel we are not heard or if we harbour uncomfortable secrets. Our body speaks through tensions and breathing patterns. But this is also the Throat chakra telling us something needs to be done! Our inner voice needs more room! We need to vent our feelings, and we need to express our needs. Meditating or doing chakra visualisations can help you open up to change. Visualize a bright blue flower opening in the lower part of your throat. Imagine that it opens up as you remember a song that you love. Ceep breathing and fill your whole body and eventually your whole aura with blue color and your song. Good luck!

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Science and the chakras

Did you know that your bowel talks more to your brain than the brain talks to your bowel? And did you know that your heart also connects neurologically with your brain and not only the other way? All this is rather new knowledge, but I suspect more will come! All cells in your body probably communicate with each other, and on some level, all of the small parts know of what goes on in other parts. And this is not only physical. The reason we can use the chakras as a tool for change, is that everything is interconnected energetically. But even though everything is interconnected, we can still find paths that are easier to use than others. And that is why some people talk about thinking as if it is in the head, feelings as if it is in the heart or in the stomach or the bowel area.

But it is when we connect these parts that we really can change patterns that are holding us back. One easy exercise is like this: Sit in a comfortable position with you feet flat on the ground ( preferably with no shoes).  Feel your breathing for a while going in and out of your body. Focus on the middle of your head ( the pineal chakra) as you feel your breath for some minutes. Focus on the middle of your chest ( the heart chakra) as you feel your breath for some minutes. Focus on the middle of your body just under your navel ( the hara chakra) as you feel your breath for some minutes. Then you can start to connect the three in different ways. One way is: breath into the middle of your head ( the pineal chakra)  and image that you exhales from this point down to the middle of your chest ( the heart chakra). Do this some times. Then start in the same manner from the heart to the pineal. Then breathe from the pineal to the hara and change again. Any connection between the three will be fine. Then just sit quietly for a while, letting everything go. This will enhance the connections that are already there on a nevrological and an energetically level. And you will feel how your body and your mind likes to connect!

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